Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Protection now. Money back later. We all recognize the need to provide life insurance protection for our families. Without it, the death of a provider can have devastating consequences. Level premium life insurance is popular because it's a low-cost way for families to protect their loved ones for a specified period of time. Fortunately, many families never need the death benefit.

With level premium insurance, as long as you pay your premium, the policy will pay the death benefit in the event you die. But did you know that for a slightly higher premium today, you can get the same guaranteed protection now, and get money back later?

AG ROP Select-a-Term®1 is insurance that pays your premiums back at the end of the level premium period you select. As long as you live to the end of the term, you have the option to get your money back: guaranteed and tax free.1 And, your cash value continues to grow as long as you pay your premiums. It's guaranteed insurance protection with a payback at the end. It's affordable. And it's underwritten by American General Life Insurance Company - a company you know will be there when your family needs it.

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Return of Premium Term Life Insurance offers these benefits:

  • Solid coverage for the term you select - 17 different term periods, all the way up to 35 years (depending on your age when you buy the policy)
  • A fixed monthly premium that does not change during the selected term, even as you get older or if your health declines.
  • Guaranteed full benefits to your loved ones if you should die. The money can be used for income replacement, household expenses, taxes, debts or dreams such as college tuition.
  • At the end of the level premium period, you may choose to surrender your policy for cash value - guaranteed to be equal to the premium you've paid over the years. Or, you can take advantage of other options to extend your coverage.

Why haven't I heard of return of premium term life insurance before?

Not every insurance carrier offers this type of policy. American General Life began offering a return of premium life insurance policy in response to customers looking for solid coverage including a death benefit, plus the opportunity to have their premiums returned to them to use and enjoy at the end of the level premium term.

A term life insurance policy that can return premiums? Is there a catch?

There is no catch. Return of Premium life insurance is a different type of life insurance policy. Assuming your policy is paid up and in force, your loved ones will receive full benefits should you die. And if you are still alive when the level premium period ends, you can choose to receive the cash value - guaranteed to be equal to the amount you paid in premiums.

Why wouldn't everyone choose Return of Premium term life insurance?

Not every carrier offers a policy that can return your term life insurance premiums. As a result, many people have never heard of this type of policy. Secondly, some people simply want a basic, affordable term life insurance policy. And for others, it doesn't fit their situation, needs or budget. Insurance coverage is a highly personal decision. Our licensed life insurance agents can provide you with information at no cost to help you decide what is right for you and loved ones.

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1Advertised American General Life AG ROP term life insurance: Policy Form #07007, issued by AGL, Houston, TX. AG ROP Select-a-Term® accumulates a cash value that starts no later than the fifth policy year. At the end of the level premium period, the cash value of the in-force policy equals the total of cumulative premiums paid, less any charges for substandard ratings and riders. If the client surrenders the policy, this amount is paid out, minus any outstanding loan balance. Alternatively, the same amount may be rolled into a permanent plan of insurance should the insured be eligible for and choose to exercise the conversion option. Coverage may also be continued beyond the level premium period by payment of increasing annual premiums, and the policy will continue to build cash value until the policy anniversary nearest the insured's 95th birthday when the cash value will equal the face amount of the policy. The cash value, minus any outstanding loan balance, will then be distributed as the endowment benefit if the policy is inforce and the insured is then living. The cash value and endowment benefit are subject to all terms and conditions detailed in the policy.

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