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What Length of Term Life Insurance is Best for Me?

Every family and person has different life insurance needs. Some choose a term life policy that will cover the number of years it will take until the youngest child is grown or graduated from college. Others might want to ensure income replacement until retirement age.

Typical policy lengths are:

  • 10 year term life insurance
  • 15 year term life insurance
  • 20 year term life insurance
  • 30 year term life insurance

But, it is possible to select the appropriate amount of coverage for your specific needs. AG Select-a-Term® allows you to choose a custom term length such as 10, 12 or 15-35 years of term life coverage!

In general, younger people select longer term life insurance policies, while people closer to retirement pick shorter terms.

The goal for most people when choosing a life insurance policy length is to protect their loved ones throughout their income-earning years when their unexpected death would leave loved ones most vulnerable to financial hardship.

People also purchase term life insurance to offer additional support for retirement or to cover debts, taxes, final expenses, as well as funeral expenses to facilitate the rapid settlement of an estate.

A licensed life insurance agent can discuss the different options with you, answer any questions, and provide you with free personalized quotes. We can even help you decide the appropriate amount of life insurance coverage and term length that suits your needs.

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