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Why do I Need a Medical Exam to Obtain Term Life Insurance?

The medical exam helps to provide a clear picture of your health. A simple blood test and urine sample measure cholesterol levels and screen for medical conditions that the life insurance company considered important in determining your premium.

Understanding your health allows the life insurance company to assign you the most accurate rate class, which determines your premium.

Term life insurance policies that require a medical exam are known as "medically underwritten" policies. Medically underwritten term life insurance policies can charge lower rates because the life insurance company can more accurately assign your rate class, based on your individual situation.

Without a medical exam, the carrier must average the costs of low-risk and high-risk individuals and spread them across the board. If you are young and healthy, you might end up paying a higher life insurance premium than if you opted for a policy which required an exam.

This routine medical exam typically takes less than 30 minutes and does not require undressing. It covers your medical history, height, weight, urinalysis, blood pressure, pulse and other tests if necessary. For your convenience, a professional medical technician comes to you (home or work).

Your medical results are kept strictly confidential. They are only sent to the life insurance carrier to help assign your rate class. And, we will send you a copy for your records.

The medical exam is straightforward and is performed at no cost to you. Your licensed life insurance agent will schedule it for you when you apply for a term life insurance policy.

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